Caravan Advertising: Hints and Tips

FAQs & Helpful Advice for Caravan Letters

Below is some useful information for renting out your caravan whether your letting for the first time, or have experience in letting your caravan, this information should be useful for you.

The information is based on many years of experience in working within the caravan industry. If you have any useful hints and tips that you wish to share please let me know and i will add them to this information.

What should I provide in the caravan?

It is advised that you provide basic items such as a TV, most caravan owners provide freeview, DVD player and CD / Radio player.

It is advised you provide all pots pans, microwave, kettle, toaster ect. Some caravan owners also provide the likes of sandwich maker, steamers, slow cooker.

It is also a personal choice whether you provide an iron & board and a hair dryer,

If your electric is included in your ground rent then it is advised you provide electric heaters this saves on your gas, some.

It is advised that you provide electric heaters for the bedrooms, no heating could put holiday makers off booking.

When providing heaters it is advised that you get low wattage to ensure the electricity supply does not overload and trip out the electric.

For those rainy day some caravan owners provide a selection of DVD's, books, board games, playing cards and games consoles. It is not advised to provide any felt tip pens or crayons.

Should I provide bedding?

We advise you to provide all quilts, pillows and blankets

It is a personal choice whether you provide bedding, many caravan owners choose to provide just quilt covers, pillow cases and ask the holiday maker to provide their own bed sheets. Some owners provide all bedding.

If you choose to provide quilt covers and pillow cases some owners offer bed sheets at an extra charge of around £10.

We do advise you to provide waterproof mattress protectors for all beds, you do get the odd child wetting the bed, and it is also more hygienic.

What prices should I charge?

This is a tricky one if your new to letting out your caravan, our advice would be to have a look at what others caravan owners in the area are charging, this will give you a rough idea what to charge for your own caravan..

Due to increasing ground rents and other bills associated with being a caravan owner you need to make as much income as possible from your caravan, but please be careful not to over charge.

Holiday makers only have a limited amount of money to spend on their holiday due to the recession and many are looking for the best caravan at budget prices.

Don't forget there are many caravan owners letting out their caravan so we advice you to keep your prices competitive.

Booking Deposit

When taking bookings it is advised that you take a deposit to secure the booking, some caravan owners make this a non refundable deposit should they cancel. The deposit is usually £50 per week.

Some caravan owners ask for the balance to be paid either 3 / 4 weeks before the start of their holiday.

Refundable Deposit

When letting out your caravan it is advisable to charge a refundable deposit to cover any breakages, damage or cleaning bills.  Holiday makers seem to look after the caravan better if a refundable deposit has been charged, this has been proven over many years of being a caravan owner.

Providing the caravan has been left clean and tidy with no breakages then the deposit is returned after their holiday.

Who should I let to?

It is advised that you should let your caravan to just families and mature couples. While you will find many youngsters and teenagers requiring caravans this is not advised, we have all been teenagers and know exactly what we were like at their age!!

Some sites also state in their terms and conditions that you cannot let you group of young people or same sexed groups. So please check with your site


It is advised that once you receive the deposit a confirmation letter should be sent to the holiday maker with details of your terms and conditions, and when the balance is due.

It is also advised that once the balance is paid information should be sent informing them of the collection of keys, also if possible a map of the caravan site with directions to your caravan.

Please also state on your paperwork the arrival and departure times, these are usually around 10.30am for departure and 2.30pm for arrival but this is a personal choice.

Terms and Conditions

When advertising your caravan to let please ensure you state any terms and conditions of booking, this way the holiday makers are aware of any rules.

It is also advised to inform your guests of any rules they have to adhere to while on site.


We advise that your caravan should be cleaned after each let to ensure a high standard of cleanliness, please do not reply on all holiday makers to leave the caravan as we would like it. While you find most people do clean up there are also those that don't.

If you cannot get down to the caravan after each let then there are many caravan cleaners in the area. Please visit for details on caravan services.

Should I allow Pets?

This is a personal choice, you may consider allowing small pets such has Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas or other small dogs these are less likely to cause much damage or shed much hair.

The negative side to allowing pets is you don’t want your caravan smelling doggy and full of dog hairs, Extra Cleaning!!

Smoking Policy

This is a personal choice, If you decide not to allow smoking then it is advised to provide ashtrays outside the caravan as this saves cigarette ends being thrown around the caravan.

Caravan Insurance

All caravans are required to have insurance, If you are letting out your caravan you must inform your insurers as there are various types of caravan insurance and not all cover for letting out your caravan.

Caravan Maintenance

It is advised to keep your caravan in a good state of repair when letting it out, the last thing the holiday maker wants to find on arrival is a shabby caravan this causes complaints and refunds... If you require any maintenance on you caravan and you are unable to do it yourself, your caravan site may offer maintenance service or visit  for a directory of caravan services.

Gas bottles

It is advised that you provide 2 gas bottle when renting out your caravan, 1 which is being used and the other as a spare just in case the bottle runs out... There is nothing more annoying for the holiday maker for them to have to buy a gas bottle and then claiming the money back from the caravan owner.

It is advised if you provide a spare bottle of gas that you leave full instructions on how to change it, what may be a simple tasks for many people some do struggle. Don’t forget to leave a spanner. If the gas regulator is not fitted correctly to the bottle the gas can leak through the regulator not only is this dangerous it also wastes gas and cost you more money!

If you would rather spare your guests the hassle of changing the gas you can buy a Double Change Over Value These can be supplied by AJH Gas Service for £120 fitted you can contact them on 01754 762837  or 07786 000 961

What is a change over valve?

Basically a change over valve is regulators that is fitted to 2 gas bottles, when one gas bottle runs out it automatically switches over to the 2nd gas bottle for a continuous supply of gas. These are ideal if the gas runs out in the middle of the night or while you are cooking.

These may seem a little expensive to buy but so is a bottle of gas should it be fitted incorrectly.

Gas Check

All caravans are required by law to have an annual gas safety check. There are many gas fitters in the Skegness area so finding one should not be a problem, the site that your caravan is on may have their own gas fitter or may recommend one, or AJH Gas Services charge £30 you can contact them on 01754 762837  or 07786 000 961

Drain Down / Reconnection

It is advised that all caravans are drained of water at the end of each season, it is worth paying a plumber to do this rather than yourself as if it is not drained properly this can cause major problems and expense, also the plumber who drains it are then responsible for any damage occurred.

Your site may offer the drain down service or AJH Gas Services can drain down at the end of the season and reconnect at the beginning of the season for £30 call them on 01754 762837 or 07786 000 961

PAT Testing

It is advised that your electrical items be PAT tested, there are many electricians in the area offering this service, your caravan site may offer this or may recommend a company, or why not visit

Smoke Alarms / Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Fire Extinguishers

It is advised that you provide smoke alarms throughout your caravan to ensure safety, as we are all aware caravans do often catch fire.

It is also advised that a carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher are fitted to ensure safety.

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